Making decisions is never easy. You need to assess your options, consider the risks, and predict a potential outcome. The more choices you have, the harder it gets. Additionally, self-doubt can affect your judgment and keep you from taking action.

Even a minor decision, such as skipping a workout, can impact your life. For some reason, you can't make it to the gym today. The next day, something unexpected comes up, so you miss your workout once again. A month goes by, and you barely got any exercise.

So, what's the best way to make a decision you won't regret? One that requires action and can change your life for the better? Here are four strategies you can use:

Do you tend to postpone things until the last minute? Are you constantly missing deadlines and running late? If so, you're not alone. In fact, one in five people is a chronic procrastinator.

Each year, procrastination costs businesses $10,396 per employee. Workers who fall into this category waste approximately two hours per day on activities that have nothing to do with their job. They get easily distracted, have trouble focusing, or simply don't feel like working.

Luckily, there are ways to beat procrastination and build better habits that will skyrocket your productivity. Let's get into it!

Taking action is the most important step to success. No matter what you have in mind, it's impossible to predict the outcome unless you get started in the first place.

From launching a business to booking a trip and growing your income, it's all about taking action. Even though there is no guarantee that you'll succeed, you can never know unless you try.

Need more proof? Here are four benefits of being an action taker:

Did you know that a whopping 85 percent of people have low-esteem? This issue affects their personal and professional lives, including their careers, their health, and their salaries. In other words, self-doubt and low self-esteem can keep you from reaching your peak potential.

These personality traits appear to be more common among women. They develop in childhood and either exacerbate or diminish with time. If self-doubt plagues you, check out these tips to boost your confidence and trust yourself more:

What's stopping you from taking action? Is it fear? Perhaps you're waiting for the right break instead of making your opportunities in life? Or maybe you believe you're not smart or talented enough? These negative beliefs are holding you back.

There's a reason why so many intelligent people fail. They tend to overthink everything and are often afraid to take risks. If that's your case, here are some powerful reasons to become an action-taker: