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Your download is below, and as you have shown you wish to move forward in your life I have an offer for you.

Take this opportunity to experience a complementary coaching session with Norman to experience how powerfull NHI coaching can be, completely without obligation.

Grab your download here

Still not sure? Spend a single call with Norman and just listen and experience 'The Norm' as he has been called.

When The Norm is helping you achieve your goals the rest of your life falls into place.

Weekend of Change

Spend 2 days with Norman and the NHI team, and learn how to release your true potential


This weekend of change is designed for those who are comitted to their own self development, and wish to learn more about themselves and their purpose. This weekend is an awesome experience.

You will learn:


Who you really are, your values, your beliefs and what is important to you.

How to change the beliefs that do not support you.

Your true purpose in this life.

The seven principles of universal conciousness

How to plan your life, design goals and achieve them easilly

Communication, both with yourself and others

Secrets to Make 2019 Your Year . . .

The 7 things Successfull People Do...

Techniques "They" do not want you to know about!

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