People get into a bad habit of ignoring their problems. And, they may even get away with that for a little while. However, most problems will build into big problems unless fixed early. By fixing a problem early, you will save money.

Ignoring problems may seem similar to the bad habit of procrastination, but there are differences. Procrastination isn’t just about problems. You can procrastinate tasks you need to get accomplished. It is possible to procrastinate taking care of problems. And that is where the two are similar.


However, facing problems may have a bigger psychological impact for some people. That is the reason why they are not dealing with them. Other times, it may be that a person doesn’t have the money to handle the situation. The trouble with this is, the problem will likely cost much more money later on.

Small businesses are notorious for not taking care of problems when they are small. They have machinery that may need servicing and management simply don't want to spend the money. They would rather spend the money on promotional efforts to drive more sales. That’s understandable. However, when the machine breaks down, the cost to fix it will be larger. The business owner might have to buy a new machine.

There is another example of how letting a problem grow makes it difficult to deal with later. Suppose you hurt someone who is close to you and you know it was your fault. If you come clean early on the person will likely forgive you, and you both can go on with your lives. If you ignore the problem, you run the risk of losing your relationship with the person you hurt. Your delay in doing something about it makes the person feel as though you don’t care. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make amends, and your relationship may be beyond repair.

When you ignore problems at work, they will come back to haunt you. For instance, if you are a project manager and one of your team members describe a problem that you ignore, the team member will let others know you were alerted and did nothing. This lack of action makes you look bad, and you will need to account for your lack of action. It may not always be easy to take certain actions. But, ignoring the situation won’t make them go away.