Neruo Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

There are three fundamental compnents to the human experience, and they are encompassed in the term NLPTm

  1. Neurology - Our brain and its ability to regulate and control our body operates and functions.
  2. Linguistics - How language allows us to interact and react to others, and self
  3. Programming - The built in learned strategies and models that effects our behaviours.

A combination of these, Mind, Language, and Programs guide us through our life experience.

NLP is a model to clarify and define on many levels, our cognitive processes, beliefs, values and much more, enabling us to design new ways to enhance our performance.

Often results are in minutes, in one session, not over a long period of time. It is not uncommon for phobias to be dealt with in less than 20 minutes!

Where did it come from?

NLP was founded by Dr Richard Bandler, and John Grinder in the 70's and has been in constant development since. There have been developments into other fields such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which uses many tools founded in NLP.

In fact our own NHI owes its beginnings to NLP, and along with added tools from other fields such as EFT, provides a powerful tool set.

What can it help with?

The list of challenges that have been resolved with NLP grows daily, from phobias to stopping smoking, stress to Past trauma, effective use of NLP has been known to help.

Further Reading?

There are numerous books on the subject, a quick search on the web will provide a plethera of them!

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