Since before covid, stress has been an issue for many people, its when it affects our lives we need to take action and seek help.

Now with lockdowns and further restrictions it is no suprise many people feel more stressed than they would have been normally. Uncertainty of the future is putting many people under pressure.

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fountains ctc - A family run therapy centre - face to face sessions

Welcome to Fountains CTC

I provide face to face sessions at Fountains, 68 Gold Street, Wellingborough, Northants.

Come and visit the wonderful family run complementary therapy centre. A whole host of other therapies are available.

Easilly accessable in a convienient location by train, bus, plenty of on street parking and by a short walk from the town centre.

I have been at Fountains for almost 10 years now, offering individual, and packaged sessions, helping people like you get to where they want to be in life. 

The current global covid pandemic has forced most of the population to being restricted to homes, not knowing how the future will pan out, this gives an ideal opportunity for online therapy sessions to fill the gap.

From this situation we are already becoming aware of an increase of mental health issues. 

Most UK adults and many children now have mobile telephones, over 60% have access to tablets, and PC's. It makes sense then to use technology to fill the gap left by not having the facilities to provide face to face sessions, and move Online to help.

Online Sessions, Getting help from the comfort of your own home.